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Spring is in the air! If you’ve been bitten by the spring-cleaning bug, consider getting your carpets professionally deep cleaned and make a noticeable difference in your home! Winters in Mapleton mean that things like salt, sand, and mud get tracked into your house for months on end. In addition to that, many of us own pets, and our pets track dirt and pet dander all over our furniture and carpets.

Pet dander allergens are actually quite sticky and can embed themselves deep into carpet and furniture fibers, causing irritations and allergies for all members of the house. Pet dander particles are very light and small, so they linger in the air longer than other allergens from dust mites or other bugs. The small particle size also makes pet dander extremely easy to carry, and it can even be found in homes buildings without pets or animals. Don’t let dander and allergens sit in your carpets, let the expert carpet cleaning services from Boss Systems Carpet Cleaning freshen and renew your carpets, rugs, and furniture with professional deep carpet cleaning.

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When you are looking for carpet cleaning services in Mapleton, UT you can trust Boss Systems Carpet Cleaning. Our process for cleaning your carpets will include:

  • Assessment: We’ll start by assessing your carpet cleaning needs, so that we have all of the things we need for a professional deep carpet cleaning.
  • Furniture Removal: In order to properly clean your carpets, the rooms need to be clear of furniture and other objects. If you are unable to move your furniture, please contact us ahead of time and we can take care of that for you at a reasonable fee.
  • Pretreating & Spot Treating: We will pretreat highly trafficked and noticeable areas that need a little more attention.
  • Cleaning & Extraction: We use a truck-mounted steam extraction process that cannot be replicated with dry cleaners, rental carpet cleaners, or the types of steam cleaners you can purchase at the store. Our cleaning and extraction process offers a deep, professional cleaning of your carpets.
  • Long-Term Protection: After we have completed our professional deep carpet cleaning, we protect it with a stain-repellent treatment, ensuring your carpets stay cleaner for a longer period of time.

When you rely on Boss Systems Carpet Cleaning to clean your carpets, your home will be cleaner, fresher, and free from frustrating allergens. In addition to the benefits of a clean, allergy-free home, regular professional carpet cleaning is required by some carpet companies to maintain their warranty. Boss Systems is certified to maintain your carpet’s warranty while also providing professional steam cleaning services.

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If you’re ready to get rid of all of the allergens, dirt, and grime that is sitting in your carpets, contact the carpet-cleaning professionals at Boss Systems Carpet Cleaning. We have been cleaning and improving homes throughout Utah Valley since 1999. Contact us today at 801-225-5750 or online and request a quote.

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