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Professional Home Carpet Cleaning for Provo, UT

With as much foot traffic that a home’s carpet receives, it stands to reason they are among the dirtiest areas of your home. Vacuuming does only so much to remove surface dirt. You need a professional carpet cleaning company to get your rugs and carpets thoroughly and adequately cleaned. Boss Systems in Provo, UT, is the areas top-rated, in-home carpet cleaners who provide professional, deep-cleaned carpets at an affordable rate. Our services extend throughout Utah County, where we strive to deliver the best customer service and exceed your expectations.

Particles will accumulate over time, becoming embedded in your carpets causing them to become stained and dingy. No amount of vacuuming will remove those stains. The absorbent nature of carpet means they are a sponge for liquids, moisture, and smells. Add to that wet Utah winters, children and pets and you have a home that is ready for a seasonal carpet cleaning. If this sounds like you, call the home carpet cleaning experts in Provo, Boss Systems.

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The Boss Process

With Boss Systems in Provo, you can expect the following with our home carpet cleaning services:

  • Assessment: Boss System carpet cleaners start with inspecting your home’s carpets, assessing the cleaning needs. We use the proper tools and techniques delivering an excellent and deep clean.
  • Furniture Removal: Keeping your furniture safe through a thorough carpet cleaning is something that we highly recommend. If you choose not to remove it from the area to be cleaned beforehand, we carefully remove your furniture for a reasonable fee.
  • Pre-treating and Spot-treating: Boss Systems pre-treats all noticeable stains and areas that require a deeper cleaning. We use only the most safe and effective cleaning products on the market.
  • Cleaning & Extraction: Our carpet cleaners utilize state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to remove the grime and dirt that has become embedded into your carpet. With our powerful extraction system, we get the liquid and dirt out of your carpet leaving it fresh and clean.
  • Long-Term Protection: When we have thoroughly treated, deodorized and deep cleaned your carpet, we will further protect it with a specialized stain repellent treatment, ensuring a lasting clean.

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