Why is it important to have my carpets professionally cleaned?

A deeper, better, more thorough clean. Of course you want to keep your carpet looking its very best – you vacuum and spot-clean regularly, but there are some spots that you are unable to remove. This is where we can really help! Also, many people aren’t aware the major carpet manufacturers require that you have your carpets professionally steam cleaned regularly in order to maintain the factory warranty.

Boss Systems is a reputable and qualified professional carpet cleaning company, and is certified to maintain your warranty requirements as well as satisfying your cleaning expectations.

Will frequent cleaning or vacuuming wear out my carpets?

No. In fact, studies have shown cleaning and frequent vacuuming actually extends the life of your carpet. This is because you are removing the soil that abrades and breaks down the fibers and backing of your carpet.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

Industry standards recommend that you clean your carpets every 12 to 18 months, depending on your lifestyle.

What kind of method do you use to clean my carpets?

For most residential cleaning, we recommend truck-mounted hot water extraction (steam cleaning) for general cleaning. For deeply soiled carpet we recommend truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaning with our rotary RX-20 tool for maximum heavy soil removal.

I’ve heard that steam cleaners can damage my carpet by over-wetting them. Is this true?

Not if you choose a reputable carpet cleaner who uses truck-mounted equipment. Carpets can be damaged by inferior cleaning methods that do not remove enough of the water. Boss Systems uses the very best in truck-mounted equipment that has been fine-tuned over the last 25 years. Our powerful trucks will ensure that your carpets will be cleaner, and dry faster.

What is the difference between your method and a Dry Cleaning method?

Dry Foam and Dry Compound are two methods of dry cleaning where suds or powder are blown or sprinkled on your carpet and then vacuumed up with a vacuum.

The Bonnet method is probably the most common method of dry cleaning. To Bonnet clean, the cleaner sprays a detergent solution on the carpet and then uses a rotary machine with a cotton “bonnet” or towel to wipe the dirt off the carpet fibers. It is most similar to putting shampoo in your hair, then wiping it out with a towel. It is not the best method because it leaves detergent residue. Truck-mounted steam extraction is the only process that employs a full rinse for removal of dirt and detergent residue.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked. The answer depends on numerous factors, but can be summarized by saying 2-12 hours on average.

At Boss Systems, we use the most advanced carpet cleaning systems available. Our truck-mounted systems can get carpet drier than just about any other system on the market, which is because of the extremely powerful vacuum blower and our carpet cleaning technique – which uses a double “dry pass” to remove the more moisture than a single dry pass.
Beyond our equipment, drying times are affected by different carpet fibers drying at different speeds, each fiber varies in how much moisture they absorb. Another thing that affects dry time is the density of the carpet; for example, if your carpet is made of tightly spun yarn in a thickly woven cut pile, it will take longer to dry than the loosely spun yarn of your neighbors loop pile carpet.
Other factors are the weather conditions outside, interior air flow and temperature, and the amount of cleaning needed to remove different levels of soiling.

As you can see there is not a ‘one size fits-all’ answer for this question, but we do our best to ensure your carpet dries as quickly as possible.