Furniture Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture and upholstery are huge investments, which is why proper cleaning and care are important to maintain their appearance. At Boss Systems, we use the most effective methods of upholstery cleaning American Fork, Utah households benefit from to help protect your investments.

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  • FABRIC TESTING – We conduct a test on your upholstery to find out which type of cleaning solution and techniques will be most suitable to clean the upholstery without any discoloration. We’ll also inform you about any specific areas of concern.
  • PRE-VACUUMING – We first pre-vacuum the upholstery to remove any loose dirt and debris. This helps ensure that any loose particles are stripped away from cracks and crevices before treatment, so they don’t get stuck there through the cleaning process.
  • PRE-TREATING – Upon testing, we will apply a special solution to soften and further loosen any dirt in your upholstery. This makes the cleaning process faster and easier.
  • PRE-GROOMING – After treating the fabric, we will use soft upholstery brushes to ensure a more extensive cleaning.
  • EXTRACTION AND RINSING – We then start using a gentle rinse to extract both the cleaning solution and the soil from your upholstery, leaving your upholstery nearly as nice and clean as the day you bought it.