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Furniture Cleaning Services in Mapleton, UT

With the rate at which couches, chairs and other furniture in your home is used, cleaning your upholstery is an excellent way to freshen up your furniture.  Boss Systems in Mapleton can deep clean your upholstered furniture and other soft goods, like drapery and pillows in your home. Furniture may appear clean, but chances are it’s dingy and soiled from daily use. Soft goods and fabrics are absorbent, so odors will accumulate in couches and upholstery, which can become unpleasant. Boss Systems offers professional upholstery cleaning services in Mapleton, UT. We can deep clean the furniture in your home, freshening up its look and eliminating lingering odors.

Utah County’s Favorite Upholstery Cleaning Company

Boss Systems has been hard at work since 1999, providing Mapleton and the surrounding area with high-quality and long-lasting deep cleaning services. When it comes to having your upholstered furniture cleaned at an affordable price, we are the company to call. Our reputation is built on delivering the best customer service experience as well as the thorough cleaning of your house from top to bottom. When we say that we clean your property like a Boss, we mean it!

At Boss Systems Carpet Cleaning, we know that when you take good care of your belongings, they last longer. When you utilize our furniture cleaning services, you’re extending the life of your couches, sofas, upholstered chairs, and more. Our deep cleaning services provide a level of clean that is not achievable with a rented DIY system. So, whether it’s the sectional you gather to watch movies on or your dining room chairs you use once a week, you can depend on Boss Systems to help you care for your furniture.

We Deep Clean Your Furniture

Boss Systems expert cleaning and service technicians strive to deliver the best, thoroughly deep, upholstery cleaning and furniture cleaning available. We don’t believe in cutting corners or skip crucial steps to save money or time. Furthermore, we know that you will be satisfied with the results when you have Boss Systems Carpet Cleaning clean your home. From vintage chairs or retro couches to brand-new pieces, you can rest assured that our services can clean any furniture you have.

Our upholstery cleaning services include:

  • FABRIC TESTING – We know that different upholstery requires different methods of treatment. To ensure we deliver the best clean possible without any damage to the items, we first test to determine the best technique to use. We will advise you if any concerns arise during this process.
  • PRE-VACUUMING – A deep pre-vacuuming will be done to clean up loose debris from your furniture and upholstery.
  • PRE-TREATING – To streamline the cleaning process, we apply a special solution that loosens up embedded dirt and odors.
  • PRE-GROOMING – Once we have pre-treated the upholstery, we run soft brushes over your furniture to deliver a more extensive cleaning.
  • EXTRACTION AND RINSING – We extract the residual solution and the debris that has lifted and apply a gentle rinse.

Upholstery Cleaning From Boss Systems

Before you replace any furniture or soft goods in your home, have our team clean it. Our upholstery cleaning services might be the makeover your room needs. In addition, clean couches and sofas sell for a higher price point, so if you are planning to sell any furniture you have, call us first. Now is the perfect time to schedule an upholstery cleaning from Boss Systems. Our professionals will thoroughly clean and refresh your home. In Mapleton, UT we can be reached at 801-225-5750. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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