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Since 1999, Boss Systems has served the Payson, UT community with professional rug cleaning services. We’re one of the largest rug cleaning companies in the Utah Valley area and we aim to meet the needs of every one of our customers. Our loyal following is due in large part to the high-quality service offered by our skilled home rug cleaners who are committed to your total satisfaction. If our track record is any indication, you will be in good hands when our specialists are on the job.

Renew the look of your rugs along with the feeling you get when you step into your living room. There may be nothing better than arriving to a fresh and clean home, and our rug cleaning company can make that happen. It’s easy for rugs to get dirty but it can be difficult to get them clean with store-bought cleaning solutions. Our rug-cleaning contractors are experienced professionals who have been trained to use high-end equipment for exceptional results.

Authentic handwashing of your handwoven treasures.

As the trusted name in oriental rug cleaning in Payson, we have dedicated ourselves to the proper caring of them. With proper care and cleaning, your fine rug can last for generations.

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Rug Care Recommendations:

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Machine-made and hand-woven rugs require weekly vacuuming for cleaning purposes and to bring back life to the fibers. Be careful with the fringes though. To avoid damaging them, use a suction-only vacuum. (Never use beater bars or rotating brushes on the fringes)



A premium-quality, custom cut pad will cushion your rug and keep it in place; hence extending its shelf life.



Rotating your rugs on a regular basis—about every 3 to 6 months—can minimize the wear and tear. For your rugs placed in lightly used locations, you can rotate them only once a year to prolong their beauty and great condition for many years.



Hand woven rugs should be hand washed and air-dusted every year, while those in lightly used locations can go without cleaning every 3 years. As the leader in oriental rug care in Payson, we will air-dust, hand wash in a submersion bath, rinse, dry, and detail your rugs to restore its natural appeal.


For a quality outcome you’ll be pleased with, get professional deep rug cleaning from the Boss System team. If you live in the Payson, UT area, we will schedule a visit at your home as soon as possible. Reach out to us at 385-304-4018 to request a free, no-hassle quote.