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Cleaned Out Dryer Vents & Air Ducts in Orem, UT

A wholly cleaned out air duct system and dryer vents have several benefits to a home. If you live in the Orem, UT area, Boss Systems Restoration & Carpet Cleaning can thoroughly clean out your home’s ductwork. We specialize in the cleaning and restoration process in residential and commercial properties through the Utah County area. Dryer vents and air ducts should be cleaned by a professional to ensure they are free of dust, debris, lint, and dirt. Our team of licensed and highly qualified technicians utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to remove buildup and other contaminants out of your ventilation system. With the use of a high-powered vacuum system, our method will leave your ductwork clean and debris free.

The Boss System Process of Vent & Duct Cleaning

We use high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) vacuum equipment to clean an air duct and dryer vent system thoroughly. This assurance means that the re-release of dust, debris, pollen, and other contaminants into the air is minimized. In the Orem area, Boss Systems complies with NAIMA recommended practices for ductwork, which employee fiberglass lining or fiberglass duct board and the stringent NADCA standard for air duct cleaning.

Health concerns are not the only problem that arises with blocked air ducts and dryer vents. When those airways are clogged with dust and dirt, your dyer and HVAC system runs inefficiently. Boss Systems can routinely clean the ductwork and ventilation system in your facility or home enabling those components of your home to operate at optimal levels.

Clean Air Ducts from Boss Systems

If you think the ventilation system in your home is dirty, chances are it is. As a homeowner or renter, having the vents cleaned out is a responsible decision to make. Over time the amount of dirt, dust, and debris that accumulates in air ducts grows. Along with that growth, some issues come to light.

Indoor air has become a recent concern over the last decade. There are more allergens in our homes than in years past. Nationwide, more families have indoor pets compared to the 1970’s and 1980’s. Local landscaping has also seen an increase of non-native plants and foliage being used. These changes have also brought about more allergens. Asthmatics and those who suffer from allergies do so more in a home with a dirty and congested air duct system. Contaminants are moved through the ductwork and vents approximately between 5 to 7 times a day with the aid of the HVAC system in your home. Whether the dead of winter has you trying to keep your house warm or the heat of summer has you running your air conditioner at maximum capacity, your HVAC is recirculating those particles.

When the ductwork is clogged with dust and debris the HVAC system in your home cannot operate effectively. This means your HVAC system must run longer to reach the required temperature. As you push your HVAC system to over work with congested and dirty ducts, it wears out the motor faster, requiring expensive repair work and will shorten its life. It also wastes energy as it runs longer and inefficiently. You lose around 25 to 40 of your all over energy with ineffective HVAC operations, which is an increase to your power bill. Avoid this drain on your finances when you have Boss Systems clean your air ducts.

Dryer Vent

Several safety concerns arise as lint builds up in the vents. Lint sticks to the sides of the vents, reducing the flow of air. The lack of airflow makes it difficult for the moist, hot air to escape from your house. Buildups also make dryers run longer and warmer than it is designed to. The excess use of electricity is a drain on energy and will cause the dryer’s heating coil and the motor to burn out. Your dryer’s inefficiency is an added expense to your energy bill.

Fires may start as lint begin builds up in the exhaust duct or the dryer itself. The CPSC, or the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, estimated that clothes dryers were linked to 15,600 fire cases in 1998, which led to 370 injuries and 20 deaths. A dryer needs to exhaust the moist, hot air that is part of the drying process. Lint screens will retain on average 75% of the lint from each load of laundry completed. The residual 25% blows onto the motor, heating coils and up the dryer vent, and the buildup continues.

Signs to Have Boss Systems Clean the Dryer Vents in your Home

  • Takes more than one drying cycle for a normal-sized load
  • Gets very humid when drying laundry
  • Gets too hot, or doesn’t heat up at all
  • Turns off before your clothes are dry

An average load of laundry contains approximately 1 gallon of water. As the exhaust vents become blocked, the water needs to go somewhere, and that is usually into the floor spaces or walls where it causes mold and fungus to grow and spread. Chances of experiencing water damage due to moisture when lint buildup occurs in your dryer vents. Although you may not see the water, the damage can be happening.

Our air duct cleaning in Orem, UT, stand out because we remove about 2 to 4 gallons of water as well as 2 to 5 gallons of lint from your dryer vents. You can avoid the chance of dryer fires and increased energy bills by having the experts at Boss Systems clean your dryer vents. A thorough cleaning of your vents significantly reduces the possibility of a dryer fire harming your family and home.

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