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Carpet Repairs For Properties in Mapleton, UT

A name that has some notoriety and an established reputation throughout Utah County for the finest carpet repair services is Boss Systems Carpet Cleaning. When the carpets in your Mapleton, UT home need to be rejuvenated, you can count on the carpet specialists with Boss Systems Carpet Cleaning. There’s no need to install new carpet when you have a reliable team of carpet professionals just a phone call away. Boss Systems Carpet Cleaning handles every carpet repair project with the finest workmanship and with meticulous attention to detail. Whatever the problem with your flooring is, the experienced team at Boss Systems Carpet Cleaning can take care of the job and have your carpets looking fresh and presentable again.

What Our Repairs Entail

  • Seam separation: It’s natural for the seams in your carpet to get loose and separated from the wear and tear that occurs. This instance can also occur when the carpet was laid with improper methods.
  • Flooring divides: When carpets and hardwood floor/tiles meet, a flooring divide is used. This is a weak spot in your flooring and we can fix or install floor divides.
  • Warping and stretching: Carpet has a tendency to get stretched and warped from the foot traffic it experiences, but it can also get stretched out if the carpet wasn’t laid properly when it was installed. Call us and we’ll fix the problem.
  • DIY repairs: We know that many property owners like to take things in their own hands and conduct their own repairs. Without knowing the best practices for repairing carpet, you can make things worse, but our carpet specialists can remedy any DIY repairs.
  • Running: Runs in your carpet can potentially get larger over time. If you notice this happening, call us at once and we’ll fix the issue before it gets worse.
  • Tack strip installation: Tack strips will anchor your carpet in place. Let us install tack strips so that your carpet doesn’t experience any issues.
  • Patches: When your carpet has areas that have been damaged extensively, patches are a great way to fix the problem.
  • Pet damage: Pets can cause a lot of problems for your carpets, but you can rely on our expertise to take care of these damages.

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Contact Boss Systems Carpet Cleaning today to learn more about our carpet repair services in Mapleton, UT. Our carpet specialists can be reached at 801-225-5750.

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