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Professional Carpet Repair Services for Alpine, UT

Boss Systems is the trusted name for many quality repair and restoration jobs for the Alpine, UT area. We can provide both repairs for damaged carpets and restorative services to bring carpets back to life. If you have been considering having the carpets in your home or business replaced, give Boss a call first. Having your carpets repaired is a great cost-saving alternative to installing new flooring.

Carpet is among the soft-goods in your home, the nature of which is to add texture and design to a room, beautify a space, retain warmth, protect flooring and give you something comfortable to walk on. Carpet shifts and stretches through its lifetime because it is malleable. Carpet also experiences more wear and tear over other components of your home, as it is underfoot.
Boss Systems serves the Utah County area with reliable and expert service with carpet repairs and restorations. We strive to deliver fast, reliable and affordable service, no matter what repair or restoration service we perform for you.

Let Boss Work for You

At Boss, we can take care of any of your carpet repairs quickly and effectively. We will first examine the area to determine the best course of action. Then advise on repair options, including the optimal materials and method needed to accomplish the job. Boss Systems in the Alpine area is equipped to handle any size project, from small residential to large commercial properties.

Our services include:

  • Warping and stretching: This can occur over time and wear with your carpet. It can also happen when a carpet was not properly stretched in the first place. Re-stretching and re-securing are necessary for this issue.
  • DIY fixes: You tried to fix something on your own, but you’re not a professional. We can fix that too.
  • Running: As carpets are woven, runs can be an issue and over time grow large. Fix these before they result in more costly repairs.
  • Tack strip installation: These ensure that carpets stay put and anchor them to the floor. A new one can be just what your carpet needs.
  • Patches: Whether from burn marks, deep stains, or wear in areas, patches are a great way to repair carpets.
  • Pet destruction: We can remove deep down pet stains, clean up the area, including the pad and fix shredded carpets from your pet’s claws.
  • Seam separation: When seams work their way loose from general wear and tear or from improper seaming that occurred when the carpet was laid.
  • Flooring divides: When a hard surface like tile or wood meets your carpeting, this juncture can be a weak point in floor continuity.

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