Pest-Proofing Your Carpet

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Nobody likes the idea of an insect infestation, but in many cases it begins as such a small issue that you may not even notice it happening at all. While there can be some telltale signs — damage to your clothing, carpet stains, or strange smells, these are often easy to explain away or ignore entirely. Unfortunately the longer you ignore them, the more likely they are to become a major problem down the road.

Of all the damages these insects can cause, damage to your carpets can be the most costly. Here are some things you need to know about the behavior of notorious pests, such as carpet beetles, and how you can keep them at bay.

The Behavior of the Pests

Often you can spot and get rid of adult pests and insects, and while they can be somewhat annoying they are often not the biggest part of the problem; the culprits are actually the babies. Inside your home, pests thrive in clothing, upholstery, and carpet — places where they can find the best food sources.

Often these carpet and clothing pest larvae are carried into homes by pets, in second hand clothes, or used furnishings. Once you bring them inside they begin to eat their way through your home.

Prevention and Control

Cleaning is the most effective way to get rid of these pests. Vacuum every week to remove dust and animal fur, the things most insects are attracted to. More importantly, immediately clean food or drink spills since these can attract unwanted visitors to your home. If you’re planning to bring in secondhand furnishings or carpet, clean them thoroughly before putting them in your home.

Here at Boss Systems, we will help you clear these pests off your carpets. We have a range of cleaning and maintenance solutions to choose from. Browse our website to learn more about them or get in touch with our customer service associates.

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