Pathogens Under Pet Potty Spots

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Pathogens Under Pet Potty Spots

Many medical issues can cause this behavior, such as upset stomach, intestinal parasites, or for older pets, dementia. Baby animals like puppies are often still learning to control their bladder and bowel, so homeowners who keep younger animals should be prepared to deal with the mess while continuing to train their pets. There are many easy DIY solutions to help owners keep up with pet stains and odors, but these might not always work as well as hiring a professional.

Home Remedies

A mixture of vinegar and baking soda is said to be able to remove urine and blood stains from carpets and couches. While this is true, as it breaks down the crystals of the urine and pulls out stains, the possible pathogens present in animal excretions stay. Cats, for example, excrete pathogen in their feces and viruses are shed in animal urine, which can pose a threat if left untreated.

Professional Help

We recommend asking for professional help when it comes to completely cleaning potty spots – not only to clean up the stains, but also to eliminate possible pathogen and bacteria thriving in the moist and dirty area. While we can’t housetrain your pets or help them get over other ailments that may cause the behavior, we can certainly help with the aftermath.

We believe a clean and odor-free home should also be regularly disinfected to avoid any repercussions in the future. Contact us today and let our experts restore your stained carpet and keep your environment safe and risk-free.

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