5 Things Your Dirty Carpet Might Be Hiding

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While you might think that your dirty carpets and rugs are unsightly, there could be a lot more hiding in there that you don’t even know about, and some of the things in your carpets might even pose serious threats to the health of you and your family. If you can’t really remember the last time you had carpet cleaning in Utah, now might be a good time to schedule it to avoid some of these health hazards.

Fungus and Mold

Carpets and rugs made of cotton and wool are susceptible to fungus or mold growth, especially if they are in high humidity areas like your basement, or near the kitchen or bathrooms. When these spores make a home in your rugs, they are particularly hazardous for young children who are laying on and playing on the floors, but can also be a problem for others since spores are airborne. As they continue to grow they can lead to health complications like severe asthma and allergies.

Dust and Pollen

While a vacuum cleaner can pick up some of the dust, dirt, and pollen that comes in to your home and settles on the carpet, in many cases it only gets the top layer, leaving behind plenty of these allergens to settle in the lower levels of the carpet. If you have allergies, this dust and pollen could be aggravating your condition and making it very uncomfortable to live in your home.

Pet Stains

Your furry friends are great to have around for companionship, but not so great when it comes to your carpets. Pets can track things like dirt and fleas from the outdoors. If you have pets in your home, chances are they have also had some type of accident, leaving behind urine, fecal matter, or vomit, and while you probably tried to clean it up, without professional deep carpet cleaning there are likely still traces of it in there.

A survey in the UK revealed that more than 90 percent of parents regularly let their children play on the carpet, but if you haven’t had it cleaned recently, that play area might not be as safe as you think. In addition, a high percentage of people wear shoes in their home that have been worn outside, which can bring in additional dangers to your dirty carpets such as bacteria and pathogens. Before you fall into the trap of thinking your carpet is clean, call Boss Carpet Cleaning today to schedule service and make sure. We use the latest carpet cleaning technologies to ensure that your carpets are safe and clean once the job is done.

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