3 Important Areas of the Office to Keep Clean

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Clutter is a natural part of the office life and throughout the course of your business there are times when your offices just get dirty. Hopefully both the staff and management will work together to get the offices clean, but there are some areas that regular cleaning efforts simply cannot address. When it comes to office cleaning, make sure you remember these three often-overlooked areas.


Most employees try to keep their desks clean, but upholstery simply doesn’t get much attention, perhaps because cleaning upholstery and furniture is not as simple as it sounds. We often have to test the fabric first to find out which solution works best. After that, we pre-vacuum all loose debris and dirt to prepare it for a deep clean, then administer treatment followed by pre-grooming and final rinsing.


It’s also important to keep your ducts and vents clean since they are responsible for circulating the air inside the office. It’s not easy to clean your ducts alone, which is where the pros can help. Improper cleaning methods might release dust, debris, pollen, and other particles that could stimulate allergies and health problems for your employees, but professional cleaners have the right equipment to remove the debris buildup safely.


Last but not the least, your office needs to take care of the carpet. Vacuuming the floor is one thing, but a carpet needs proper treatment on a regular basis to be completely clean.

Steam cleaning is often the best way to remove all the built-up dirt on the floor. After that, you can protect it with specialized treatment for long-term durability. Scheduling these services is often the ideal time to repair old carpet that may have sustained damage over long periods of use and can’t be fixed with a simple carpet cleaning.

If you have stained or damaged upholstery, dirty vents, or carpets that need to be cleaned at your commercial office space, Boss Carpet Cleaning is your one-stop shop for every cleaning solution. From residential to commercial spaces, our personnel are ready to assist you in maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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